Innovative sensor and logging technologies to understand human interaction with environments.

Latrobe Fellowship Research Study

With AIA College of Fellows

Facilities Design & Construction, UCSD

With Calit2

Laboratory Design

Educational Design

Evidence-based Design

Healthcare Design

Research-based Design

Selected Projects

Evidence-based design and planning for OR, ER, ICU, PACU & Med-Surg Units.

First People’s Hospital, Shunde China

With HMC Architects

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton

With Zeidler, Architecture+ and Andropogon

In-depth literature review and observations informing design for special needs and cognition.

IV Center for Exceptional Children School

With HMC Architects

San Diego State University

With Zagrodnik + Thomas Architects, SDSU & NSAD

First-hand lab experience and neuro-architectural process used in academic facility design.

The Salk Institute for Biological Studies

With the Salk Institute, NSAD, and ANFA

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton

With Zeidler, Architecture+ and Andropogon

Literature reviews and on-site observations informing real-world projects.

Cedars-Sinai Emergency Department

With HMC Architects

Radiology Imaging Study, UCSD

With Calit2 & Cognitive Sciences

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