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  3. Virtual reality CAVE environments give each user and groups of up to 10 people, a 3D first-person perspective of design from within full-scale real-time renderings of actual designs. The 4th Dimension of time, allows users to guide their own movement through the design.

  4. With the introduction of novel modeling software, coined CAVECAD TM, buildings are interactively rendered, immersing the user inside of the virtual building. This allows users to experience the space in a more natural way, gaining a clear vision of the geometry and sight-lines within complex spaces, and to lanscape beyond.

  5. New systems using dynamic sound generators synchronized with 4D visualizations enable SoniCAVE TM to test sonic effects related to architectural materials and design spaces.

Testing medication errors with sonic avatars using SoniCAVE TM

CAVECAD TM interactive immersive programming and design development.

CAVECAD offers real-time change of room & views in full-scale VR mockups.

UCSD Medical Leaders evaluate patient room in full-scale mockup.

UCSD Health Systems Medical Leadership meeting at Calit2 2010

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