1. Dr. Eve A. Edelstein, EDAC, Assoc. AIA, F-AAA

  2. Eve is known internationally for her unique services that translate science into design. Dr. Edelstein is the first person known to receive degrees and have professional experience in Neuroscience (Ph.D. Institute of Neurology, University London), Architecture (M.Arch. NewSchool of Architecture & Design) and Anthropology (B.A. University of California Berkeley).

  3. Working with faculty at the University of California, San Diego and the NewSchool of Architecture & Design, she developed and taught the first program of courses on Neuroscience for Architecture and developed professional workshops for the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture.

  4. Collaborating with clients and firms, planning and design projects include evidence-based design guidelines for a 2.4 million sq. ft. hospital in China, a 1 million sq. ft. academic medical center and mental health facility in Canada, and surgical, radiology and emergency departments. 

  5. Educational projects include consideration of environments that serve a continuum of needs including students with Autism spectrum disorder, cognitive and movement disorders.  Attention to sound, light, and workflow take advantage of Dr. Edelstein’s work in hearing science, circadian rhythms, and ethnography.

  6. Eve also collaborates with scientists at the Division of Biological Sciences & Calit2 Virtual Reality StarCAVE at the University of California San Diego. They create real-time virtual mockups in full-scale CAVE visualizations so that user groups and design teams can test design before it is built. Ongoing research measures human physiological and behavioral responses to design strategies.


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