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Dr. Eve A. Edelstein, EDAC, Assoc. AIA, F-AAA leads our efforts.

Eve is known internationally for her unique services that translate science into applied design.

Dr. Edelstein is the first person known to receive degrees and experience in Neuroscience (Ph.D. Institute of Neurology, University College London), Architecture (M.Arch. NewSchool of Architecture & Design) and Anthropology (B.A. University of California Berkeley). 

Working with faculty at University of California San Diego and the NewSchool of Architecture & Design, she developed and taught the first program of courses on Neuroscience for Architecture and workshops for the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture.

Dr. Edelstein collaborates with design firms and clients to apply design principles from research to design projects.

Eve also collaborates with scientists at the Division of Biological Sciences & Calit2 Virtual Reality StarCAVE at the University of California San Diego.   They are developing the means to measure human physiological and behavioral responses in a fully immersive virtual reality environment where buildings and design can be tested before being built. 

Edelstein’s publications include contributions as a co-author to the first EDAC study guide for the Center for Health Design.

Resume & Selected Curriculum Vitae



Evidence-Based Design Projects

    With HMC Architects

       Cedar Sinai Hospital

       First People’s Hospital, Shunde China

       VA Hospital San Diego

       IV Center for Exceptional Children School

    With ANFA

       Salk Institute for Biological Studies

       San Diego State University

    With Zeidler & architecture +

        St. Joseph’s Healthcare, Hamilton



The influence of Light on Health

    AIA College of Fellows

    Latrobe Research Study

    Univ California Berkeley, San Diego & Ohio State

An Interactive Knowledge Base
    Academy of Architecture for Health Foundation

    SuperComputer Group & Library Sciences UCSD

Interactive Virtual Reality

    University of California, San Diego

    Division of Biological Sciences & Calit2

Neuro-Architecture Workshops

    Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture

Sensory Physiology, Clinical Dx:

Hearing, Balance,

    Institute of Neurology, University College London

    National Hospital Neurology & Neurosurgery,

    Queen Square, London UK

    Harvard / MIT Eaton-Peabody Lab

    US Naval Medical Center